office cleaning services in grand Rapids

Considerations to take into account for office cleaning

It is recommended that office cleaning services in grand Rapids services be performed at night or at least when services are not being provided on the premises. This way you will avoid being responsible for falls of visitors or the employees themselves.

Stock the cleaning cart with the materials and tools used according to the maintenance plan. In general, cloths, mops, dusters, dustpans, shovels, brooms, buckets, chemicals, disinfectants, bags, air fresheners, window cleaners, protectors for vinyl and wood furniture, and a vacuum cleaner if there are any carpets. It must be taken into account to serve each of the tools to give the correct use to each of them.

Steps to follow for proper office cleaning:

Just as we have stages to carry out our daily activities, cleaning work is also done in steps.

  • put on gloves: Before starting the cleaning work, the person must put on the appropriate gloves for cleaning.
  • Waste or rubbish in the bin: However, it must be taken into account that those papers that are suspected of being used by office workers or unless it has been indicated, may be thrown away. Meanwhile, what will go in the bin will be glasses, napkins and any waste that is in plain sight.
  • Empty the bins in the main basket: When necessary, the entire bag is thrown out of the bin at each station and the can is gleaned by placing a new bag. Do not remove any garbage from the baskets with the unprotected ones, since there may be debris that can hurt.
  • Clean high surfaces: When it comes to cleaning furniture or pictures that have a considerable height, chairs should not be used to reach there. It is preferable to use an extension to reach them with the duster or duster.
  • Clean horizontal surfaces with cloth: Desks, ledges, and window sills should be cleaned. If there are objects on them, they are removed with one hand and the other is done cleaning, then the articles are left in their place. Nothing is changed or papers or documents that are considered messy may be that way for a reason. If there is any spill, clean with a damp cloth and universal cleaner.
  • clean the chairs: If they are made of leather or synthetic material and if they are made of fabric, you should use a vacuum cleaner by passing the tube over the entire surface and through the grooves of the entire piece of furniture or chair to collect dirt or dust. To clean the furniture it is important to take into account the material since each of them corresponds to a suitable type of cleaning.